There are general settings for this theme that you can change in the adminsettings. In this tutorial we’ll cover how to do that. You will learn how to change the color of the theme with predefined colors or to set your own color.

Step 1: Browse to The Restaurant Themesettings

Go to your wordpress admin ( and go to the following page:
Appearance / The Restaurant themesettings

Step 2: Change general themesettings

The general settings cover things like your own blog favicon and logo. Simply browse for the image with the default wordpress media browser, and you’re set. There are a couple of options available to you to change the looks of this theme. All colors can be changed from the theme settings.

Choose colortheme

First off, choose a color theme. You have the option to pick between red, green, blue and gray. All colors and arrows will change accordingly.

Pick your own color

You can also use the ‘website main color’ option (with colorpicker) to finetune the color to your liking.
When you chose a color in the colorfield press the icon on the bottom rightside to get the hex code into the settingsfield.

Just keep in mind that the arrow colors (the up/down slider and menu arrows) will stay in one of the four colors mentioned before. If you feel like changing this, open up the psd file and change the colors to your liking.

Another important setting in the general settings is the sidebar position. You can move it to the left or the right, or even remove it entirely. Keep in mind this will force full width pages on your whole website.

Step 3: Save changes

Please, don’t forget, when you are finished with the settings, to save these on top of the settingspage with the button “Save Changes”. You now have changed some general settings for The Restaurant theme!