In this tutorial we’ll cover how to change settings of the frontpage of your restaurant theme. You will learn how to use the slider and how to fill in the widgets.

Step 1: Browse to The Restaurant Theme settings

The frontpage settings cover things like the slider and the content widgets on the frontpage.
You can find these settings under the tab “Frontpage” of the Restaurant theme settings.

Edit the contentslider

Normally, the content slider is only shown on the frontpage, but it can be unfolded on every page by the user. To keep it unfolded on every page in the theme, select the option ‘Show only on frontpage’ in the dropdown list. To add slides follow the tutorial about adding slides.

Edit the frontpage widgets

You can set different types of widget views for the frontpage. In the first dropdownlist “Widget area options” you can select which type you want to set. These are: “Three text blocks (see options below)”, ” Frontpage widget area” and “Both”. This last option displays two blocks, one with the red flaps and one area you can add widgets to, how to do this we will explain later.
The three content widgets on the frontpage are easy to set up. Simply specify the title, image, text and read more link and you’re done.

Keep in mind that adding an image is optional, though it would look better if all three widgets have either an image, or not at all (due to alignment of the text). The read more link is also optional. Simply go to the page or post you want to link to, and copy/paste the adres from the adressbar from your browser. Don’t forget to setup all three widgets, or the frontpage won’t look the way you want it to!
Don’t forget to press on the “save changes” button to save all your settings!

Add widgets to the frontpage area

First browse to the widget page that you can find under “Appareance / Widgets”.

On the right side you can find “Frontpage”. This is the area where you can drag widgets to.