In this theme you can add your own custom sidebars, this tutorial will cover how to do that.

Step 1: Browse to The Restaurant Theme settings

Go to your wordpress admin ( and go to the following page:
Appearance / The Restaurant themesettings / custom sidebars

First browse to the widget page that you can find under “Appareance / Widgets”. Here you can add a new sidebar for pages. When you have added a new sidebar, you can browse to: Appearance / Widgets
On the right side you will see your new added sidebar(s).

Add widgets to the frontpage area

On the right side of your widget page (Appearance / Widgets) you can also find the sidebar “Frontpage” on the right side of the screen. This is the area where you can drag widgets to which should appear on the frontpage. We’ve designed this area with three widgets in mind.
To activate the frontpage widget area, go to the theme settings: Appearance / The Restaurant theme settings. Click the tab ‘Frontpage’, and scroll down untill you see the option ‘Widget area options’. Click the dropdown and select ‘Frontpage widget area’ or ‘Both’ depending on what you want. This will activate the widgets on the frontpage.